The complete solution for building a profitable online and affiliate business

The online platform my.Affiliness offers you the necessary expert knowledge, professional tools and personal support to build a sustainable and profitable online business as an affiliate.

How you too can benefit from my.Affiliness

At my.Affiliness it is an innovative complete solution for building an affiliate and internet business, developed for beginners as well as for advanced users.

All inclusive

Affiliness follows the simple concept of giving its members everything they need for a successful online and affiliate business. For this reason, the scope of Affiliness is very extensive and is regularly expanded.

Success program

The success program consists of a series of online courses and teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful online business as an affiliate. It picks you up from where you are and leads you to your first regular earnings.

Professional tools

Use tools that make your work as an affiliate easier and help you use your work time more efficiently. Whether you want to get hundreds of niche ideas at the click of a button or have a text rewritten by AI, there's a tool for that.

Professional functions

There are many professional features for Affiliness members. Analyze and shorten your advertising links, create effective marketing pages, get your own email address on the Affiliness domain and much more.


Share your ideas or projects with other affiliates, benefit from the knowledge of successful affiliates, and get personal support in a community where everyone helps each other to achieve their goals.


Download free resources such as checklists, infographics, PDF reports and other valuable content and tools for building a successful career as an affiliate and marketer. Plus, new downloads are added all the time.

Insider content

Get tips directly from the practice, suggestions for interesting projects, new trends and future forecasts, so that you are always up-to-date and can not only expand your business, but also secure it in time for the future.

3x support

At my.Affiliness you have access to a personal and qualified 3x support, which is only available at Affiliness in this form. Create support tickets, write an email with guaranteed short response time or use the helpful and growing community.

Good value

The downloads and bonus content alone are worth several hundred dollars. Add to that the tools and pro features, the online courses, and the support, and you're looking at a price tag of over $1,000. You only pay once from $297.

The success program for an affiliate business

The success program is a 6-part online course series that introduces you to the most important disciplines of online marketing from A to Z and teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate.

  • Affiliate basic and master course

    Affiliate marketing is often greatly underestimated by beginners. Even if the principle of affiliate marketing seems simple at first glance, it can only be applied successfully if you understand the overall concept with all its details. Not only the basics are taught in this course, but also advanced knowledge and insider knowledge for a successful start as an affiliate.

  • Find perfect niche

    As a professional affiliate, you always work in well-chosen markets and niches, not only to make it easier for yourself to market products, but also to position yourself better in the long run. This course explains, among other things, what market niches are, how they work and how to find a perfect niche that you can successfully occupy as an affiliate and market very profitably.

  • Find lucrative product

    Although there are millions of products on the internet, only selected products can be marketed very profitably and easily – and it is precisely with such products that you can earn the easiest, fastest and most money as an affiliate. This course provides the practical knowledge of how and according to which criteria to select a product as an affiliate with which you will have the greatest possible success in the long term.

  • Selling successfully on the internet

    The money is also earned in affiliate marketing with the sale, even if you rather take the role of a product referrer. The most successful affiliates have learned how to sell products the right way, using the best tools, formulas, words, and strategies. This course is about the basic and expert knowledge that every affiliate should master to successfully sell any product on the internet.

  • Traffic and customer acquisition on the internet

    The most important task of an affiliate is to attract prospects and customers on the internet. No other skill directly determines the amount of revenue. This course deals in detail with the subject of web traffic and, among other things, also presents numerous free methods of internet advertising and also shows the world of profitable paid advertising on the internet from the point of view of an online marketer.

  • Landing pages

    The use of special websites, also called landing pages, is becoming increasingly important for affiliates to successfully sell and promote products on the internet. This course covers the basics as well as the tricks of the pros on how to build effective marketing systems through the proper use of small websites.

Bonus content worth its weight in gold

As a member of my.Affiliness, you'll receive free bonus content worth hundreds of dollars combined, invaluable to any affiliate and online marketer.

Affiliate marketing checklist

The affiliate marketing checklist outlines all the important steps to pick up an affiliate from zero and guide him through all the key steps to make money from product recommendations without any detours or big mistakes.

1,500+ lucrative niche ideas

It's easier to make money as a marketer in niches. To make it easier to find good niches, this list was created by hand and currently includes more than 1,500 niches where there is a strong demand for products.

50+ affiliate sayings

Using certain sayings can help an affiliate increase the appeal of a product and have more success selling it. In this bonus report, the best sayings from affiliate practice are presented.

Color psychology

The right choice of color makes a product or brand appear in a different light. In this bonus report, you'll learn the most important things about colors and their effect in marketing, so you can sell better by choosing the right colors.

Power words

In this bonus report, you'll learn about so-called power words that have proven to be good sales triggers in selling practice because they can trigger the right feelings and moods in the prospect to make a sale.

Is my.Affiliness the right complete solution for you too?

Find out easily if my.Affiliness is also the right solution for you and can help you to enter the online and affiliate business and to be successful in the long run...

  • You want to earn more than $1,000 per month on the internet by recommending products from other providers as an affiliate and do the easy job in the sales process.

  • You want to learn how to build a simple online business with no startup costs, no prior experience, and no risk, and make money sustainably.

  • You would love to work from the comfort of your home on the internet and be free to decide when and how long you work, and when it's time to take a break or a vacation.

  • You want to work stress-free and independent of a boss and determine for yourself how much money you want to earn for a fulfilling life without sacrifice.

  • You want to escape the hourly wage forever, where well over 90% of all workers are stuck, become enslaved for small money per hour, and usually spend their whole lives there.

  • You are a beginner or have already tried to make money on the internet, but you have not been able to achieve any significant success so far and would like to start a new, better attempt.

  • You already have an online business and want to take your income to the next level with the unique complete package from Affiliness that you can't find anywhere else.

  • You just want to copy the success of others without wasting months or years trying to find the right way yourself, because you are smart and know how much your time is worth.

  • You want to learn how to make money online 100% automatically and 24/7 with simple sales systems and not having to spend the time gained behind a desk.

  • You have limited time every day and want to build your online business at your own pace in small steps, without stress and without pressure.

  • You don't want to repeat the big mistakes that other affiliates have made before you, making their affiliate careers unnecessarily difficult or ruining them completely.

  • You want to use professional tools that make your work as an affiliate much easier. Tools that cost hundreds of dollars per month elsewhere.

  • You want to be among the insiders who are always up-to-date when it comes to new trends, developments, and strategies in online marketing.

  • You need personal support from people who know the way to a successful online business, so that you can reach your destination faster and without long detours.

  Standard Premium
Basic content
Practical content in the form of tips and instructions delivered to all members at regular intervals.
Bonus content
Insider content
Content straight from an insider's practice, both unique and custom-created for Affiliness members, covering many areas of online marketing, among others.
Premium content
Content for affiliates and marketers that has proven to be highly effective and useful in practice, very rare and hardly or not freely available on the internet.
Basic downloads
Downloads such as checklists, infographics, reports in PDF format and much more.
Bonus downloads
Premium downloads
Downloads restricted to premium members only, available in a wide range of formats, including PDF.
Basic courses
Online courses that together form the complete Affiliness success program, guiding a beginner or advanced affiliate to a functioning and profitable online business.
Bonus courses
Premium courses
Online courses that are optional and outside the affiliate success program, but significantly increase earning potential by providing hands-on, well-tested knowledge.
Basic tools
Tools available to all members to make work more effective and efficient. New tools are developed regularly, all of which are exclusive.
Premium tools
Powerful tools for affiliates and online marketers that are usually very valuable and costly outside Affiliness.
An online forum where all members can exchange ideas and help each other. Also, the community shares a lot of good ideas and practical knowledge, which are very valuable.
Email address
You get a professional email address on the Affiliness domain, for example: With it, you can receive and send emails and use numerous features, for example autoresponder or email forwarding.
Link tracking
A professional tool for masking and tracking advertising links or simple links. Create as many tracking links as you want and track their performance using the statistics.
Landing pages
Small websites for marketing purposes. You can create such websites with one click, fill them with content and use them to promote products or build an email list.
Functions that affect the entire user account. While the standard features are available to all users, the premium features are reserved for premium users and provide more convenience and more efficient work.
Standard Premium
The quality of support is the same for all members. Premium support includes a higher priority and is also available outside regular support hours.
Standard Premium

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ)

The following questions are repeatedly asked by interested parties and customers about my.Affiliness. If you have further questions, please contact support via contact form.

What are the payment options? The payment methods PayPal, credit card and bank transfer are available.
Is this a one-time payment or a subscription? There are no subscriptions with Affiliness. You pay the price only once and can use the product for a lifetime without any restrictions and get all updates and extensions for free.
Can I change from Standard to Premium membership at a later date? Yes, in the user account, you can switch to Premium at any time.
What is the success program? The success program consists of a series of online courses that together bundle a complete bundle of knowledge that can be used to create any number of income streams as an affiliate and marketer. The program is available exclusively for Affiliness and cannot be compared to anything that already exists on the internet.
Is the success program suitable for beginners? Absolutely! The success program was developed with a strong focus on beginners to give them exactly the knowledge they need for a successful start. But also advanced users will find many practical approaches, ideas and instructions to make more money as an affiliate and marketer.
Is there a progress check? Each participant can measure the progress of his or her own efforts using the available teaching materials. There is no progress monitoring on the part of Affiliness for the simple reason that each participant is free to work at his or her own pace and without stress with the materials provided, even if only 30 minutes per day can be invested for this purpose.
How much time do I need to allocate in order to generate the first earnings? The business model behind Affiliness is very simple and with the appropriate instruction, the first earnings can be achieved in the first few days. However, it takes weeks and months to achieve stable and high earnings as an affiliate. Every business needs this time, no matter if online or offline.
Are the contents up to date? All content and courses are regularly updated and expanded, so you can always use the latest version of content, courses, and tools in your user account. Updates are always free with Affiliness once you have unlocked a product.
What distinguishes my.Affiliness from comparable offers? At Affiliness, there is not only a complete success program, but also excellent tools and support. Anyone who wants to successfully build an online business as an affiliate and online marketer can do it.
Are there any restrictions on the use of the included functions? As a rule, there are no restrictions on the functions in the user account. If there are restrictions, they are clearly marked. Should usage rules exist, these must of course be respected and adhered to.
Is there a money back guarantee? There is a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Try Affiliness for 30 days and if you're not satisfied, we'll cancel your order and give you a full refund.
Is there a guarantee of success? Even if examples of success of other participants can be mentioned and shown again and again, these individual successes are not transferable to others. Every participant is different, has different starting conditions and of course different expectations of success. For this reason, we cannot and must not give any guarantees of success, but rely on a simple satisfaction guarantee that is valid within 30 days after purchase.
Is my data secure when I order? We only use encrypted connections during the order process and even encrypt sensitive data before it is written to the database. Your data is safe with us, read more in the privacy policy.
Can I transfer my membership to another person? To transfer the membership to another person, write an email to the support with the corresponding request. Please note that a user account can be used by only one person, and it is forbidden to share the access data with third parties.
Can I share my user account with another person? Passing on the access data to third parties is not permitted and may lead to the user account being suspended.
What options do I have for support? There are 3 ways for Affiliness members to get support: by ticket, by email and in the community. Support via ticket and email is personal and solution-oriented, and the quality of support is the same for everyone. Community support is available 24 hours a day to all community users and is also solution-oriented and usually fast.

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